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Executive Franchise Consulting
What is an Executive Franchise Consultant?
A franchise consultant is an individual who acts as an intermediary between the franchisor and an individual interested in buying a franchise. In most cases a franchise consultant is not directly employed by the franchisor and represents many different franchises.

There is no fee incurred by the individual interested in buying a franchise. The franchise consultants are paid a commission by the franchisor. Very much like a Headhunter who matches individuals with Industry positions.
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What Does A Franchise Consultant Do?
There are two parts to every closed deal, a buyer and a seller.

As a Franchise Consultant you will be working with "buyers" (parties interested in buying a franchise) and "sellers" (franchise companies looking to sell more franchises.) The reason we have such a unique program is because we provide you with both! Since we provide you with over 350 franchise companies to present and our lead program can supply you with a consistent flow of buyers, the only two responsibilities you have are:

1. Matching up your buyer with a franchise they like.
2. Introducing them to one of our franchise partners.
3. The Buyer makes the final decision on their Franchise.

Since franchising has become so common in recent years, the demand for good franchise consultants has also increased. Franchisors are willing to pay great commissions to franchise consultants. The franchise consultant’s earnings are comprised of commissions paid by franchisors .

A franchise consultant has the flexibility to decide whether to operate his or her consulting business full or part-time. The time available as well as the desired financial results will dictate how much effort is put into reviewing potential leads.